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Southern Regional Transport

We at Southern Regional Transport are extremely pleased with the way Transkool deals with our equipment, nothing is ever too much and the service provided is second to none. We find that when the service department comes to Albany to service our freezer units they always do a very good job. The office staff are very easy to talk to and always very helpful, I would recommend the Transkool team to anyone and have done so in the past. Overall a pleasure to deal with.

– John Luyten Freight Manager


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1. How would you rate the professionalism of our company? >  5
2. How would you rate the attitude and helpfulness of our staff? > 5
3. Is our pricing reasonable for the service we provide? > 4
4. How would you rate our response time to breakdowns? > 5
5. Are our invoices clear and easy to understand? > 5
6. Are our invoices delivered in a timely manner? > 5
7. Overall, how would you rate the quality of our service? > 5
8. Is the information you require always readily available from Transkool? > 5

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